​​Why Switch to Organic?

  • No more fading off tone
  • No more skin irritation
  • Significantly reduced burning of the Scalp
  • No risk of Balding
  • ​No more hot roots
  • No more harmful ammonia fumes that cause difficulty breathing and tearing of the eyes

Hair’s isometric (natural) point is between pH 4.5-5.5. organic Color Systems does not take the hair as far from its natural or isometric point on the pH scale as chemical colors do, so the hair is left healthy. Plus, by using Organic Care Systems after coloring, you are able to return the hair to its correct pH and fully close the cuticle.
What does it mean to be Organic?

Organic Color Systems is rich in certified organic ingredients such as plant extracts, amino-acids, natural oils, vitamins, and other nutrients to make sure our client’s hair is left as healthy and vibrant as possible.

Here are a list of our wonderful natural ingredients:

• Organic Chamomile • Organic Aloe Vera
• Organic Comfrey Root • Organic Orange Peel Extracts
• Organic Grapefruit Seed Extracts • Organic Vitamin C
• Organic Vitamin E • Organic Vitamin B5
• Organic Soy Oil • Organic Coconut Oil
• Organic Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein • Organic Coconut Plant
​• Organic Comfrey • Organic Sweet Almonds
• Organic Sunflower Extracts • Organic Citrus Extracts
​• Organic Jojoba Seed • Organic Fennel Seed
• Organic White Willow Bark ​• Organic Sea Mayweed
​• Organically Grown Geranium • Organic Bergamont Fruit
• Organic Lichen Extract • Organic Citric Acid
• Amino Acids • Anti-oxidants

Ammonia can open up the pores of the skin and staining can occur. Organic Color Systems is ammonia free, leaving little to no staining on the skin.

Skin irritation and burning on the scalp is significantly reduced, due to the pharmaceutical grade peroxide which we use and the absence of ammonia.​​

Ammonia degrades the hairs protein structure which can lead to banding, hot roots and colors that fade off tone. With Organic Colors Systems, there is no banding or hot roots and colors fade on tone!

Plus, a more pleasant salon experience is created, since are no harmful ammonia fumes that can make breathing difficult or cause eyes to swell and tear.

  Salon Cache Organics

There are no problems with resistent grey hair. Since the cuticle is softened and then naturally swollen open, the coarseness of the cuticle which makes the grey hair resistent to ammonia, is not a barrier.

There are no problems with fading or banding. Since the natural cuticle is completely preserved, it seals the pigment into the hair shaft when the cuticle closes. Also, Organic Color Systems preserves the tyrosine protein as well as the hairs natural melanin pigments which allow it to “hold” color. Color will not fade over time.

Over processing is a thing of the past. Because Organic Color Systems is not damaging to the cuticle, there is no risk of over processing. Hair can be colored as frequently as the client wished.

The hair is left healthier and more natural looking. Organic Color Systems completely preserves the scalps sebaceous glands which provides moisture to the hair unlike ammonia or non-soy based hair color which damages these glands. Organic Color Systems will leave the clients hair with its natural moisturizing system in tact.

There is an entire, health-focused, system of all natural professional hair products specifically designed and formulated to support and maintain healthy hair and wonderfully natural vitality and color.

Organic Color Systems contains some of the best natural ingredients to produce a gentle color which gives a superb result every time. Our natural and certified organic ingredients, along with their functions, are listed below:

IngredientDerived FromFunction
PEG-2 OleamineSoya BeanMoisturizing gel base
AguaPure WaterUsed in base
Oleic AcidOleic AcidMoisturizer
Hydrolysed Wheat ProteinWheatConditioner
PerfumEssential OilsFragrance
Certified Organic Symphytum Officianale  Comfrey ExtractScalp Soother
Certified Organic Citrus GrandisGrapefruit Extract   Natural Anti Bacterial
Certified Organic Citrus DulcisOrange ExtractNatural Antioxodant
Ascorbic AcidVitamin CAntioxidant
Tocopheryl AcetateVitamin EAntioxidant
Sodium SulphiteMineralAntioxidant
CocamideCoconutLathering agent & Thickener
Alcohol DenaturedCornViscosity adjuster
EthanolamineCoconutpH Adjuster
Sodium HydrosulphiteMineralAntioxidant